Association to conserve the journeymenhouse in Sibiu and to benefit european crafttraditions

The idea to found an association was born in the beginning of 2007, as some journeymen took the challenge, to have an eye on the hospice, a closer one, because the Casa Calfelor can be a foundation of culture exchange and for sharing craftsmenship and organize projects. First of all we had to find an agreement with the owners, about the conditions using the house.

To get all those steps done, also on the bureaucratic level, to keep the hospice attractive and open for all different journeymen the association „Verein zum Er- und Unterhalt der Casa Calfelor Sibiu - Gesellenherberge Hermannstadt - Maison des Compagnons Sibiu“ was founded at the 29th of june 2007. The association was approved with its first meeting at the 23th of july 2007. Based on the ideas of the association it will be possible in the future, to have better opportunities in realising projects, or to get authorizations for any kind of renovation. The association takes care about conservation, renovation and subsistence of the journeymen hospice „Casa Calfelor“. It also keeps contact to local craftsmen, to engage the travelling journeymen in resident projects, to have a deeper platform of mental exchange.

This is why we could realize summer projects since 2007, where many Gesellen and Compagnons were involved. We worked together renovating the Casa Calfelor and represented different kind of trades, in open air demonstration workshops. It also became possible to organize projects in professional tradeschools, exhibitions, concerts, information- and movie evenings or to participate in festivals.

First of all the association „Casa Calfelor Sibiu“ wants to invite all travelling and retired journeymen, as well as people who are interested in our project, to join the association. We recommend the travelling journeymen to come along and to work in Hermannstadt and suburbs.

For interested people: don`t be shy to ask the journeymen questions when you meet them in town!

With regards from the association