Axt & Kelle

-The siblinghood “Axe and Trowel" inducts all craftsmen/women who have learned a construction or subconstruction trade into their ranks.


-  At the end of the 70s and into the beginning of the 80s select members of existing brotherhoods felt the need to organize themselves together with fellow craftswomen, thus ending an era of male only journeymen. In addition to the previously stated, the select members also felt the need to no longer deprive themselves an active voice in politics and allowed themselves to take a political stance. Furthermore, they no longer desired to work underneath the tenure of a master; instead they preferred to plan and carry out collective construction sites without a hierarchy. The members of this collective thus in 1982, founded the siblinghood „Axe and Trowel.“ The first of its kind, which inducted both craftsmen and craftswomen into its ranks and allowed them undergo the traditional journey years of a craftsperson. 


-The distinguishing mark of inducted  Axe & Trowel members is an earring, otherwise known as a "Hanger", which is worn at all times by inductees. The „Hanger“ or earring bears an axe and trowel in the foreground and a rising sun in the backround. This is the official symbol of the siblinghood. Inducted members, and aspirants alike, wear the traditional garbs/uniform of  corresponding color to his or her respective trade. Natrually, a white shirt with a folded in collar and a black brimmed hat is worn.


 -Annually, a summer meeting is held and coordinated by actively traveling members,in which a solidaric construction site is held to support a good cause.

The main motives behind the summer meeting include; to give back and thank society for the support travelers experience during their journey years, and to offer journeymen/women the chance to work together, exchange ideas, skills, and learn from each other. Supported projects must non-profit and may not be under the ownership of private persons. All actively traveling members of Axe and Trowel, which currently find themselves in Europe, are required to participate in the summer project.


 -Although Axe and Trowel is a siblinghood governed by actively traveling members, there is still close cooperation and support  from alumni (formerly-traveled).


-Axe & Trowel maintains the ancient tradition of traveling journeyman/women, which is passed down verbally by the elders to the newcomers and so on. The siblinghood strives preserve the old yet remain open to the new.

A critical examination and reflection of the issues we face this day in age, including political events, ecological and economical crises belong just as much to the journey years of a craftsperson as does the preservation old traditions.